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What’s worse than a rat? A dead rat. It all begins with an awkward smell around the household. And with so much space, it is almost impossible for you to find out where the smell is coming from. And when suddenly one day, the smell turns unbearable, you realize that somewhere is your home, there is a dead rat rotting away.

Searching for the dead rat is not a pleasant job and nor is it easy. So it is best left at the hands of a professional Dead Rat Removal Company Perth 08 6244 4278.

Dead Rat– Its Appearance

A dead rat can be identified by its rotting smell, and the smell increases day by day. Not just that but as days pass, it becomes a food for flies and maggots that spread across the property as well. None of this is good news for you. So in order to get rid of the dead rat, it is better to leave it to us, Rats Pest Control Perth, the most renowned Dead Rat Exterminator Perth.

Results of a Dead Rat

What affects your household the most is the foul pungent smell which forms due to the decomposition of the muscles of the rat’s body. This is basically bacteria eating up them up. The smell spreads all across your sweet home, turning it into a nightmare. It further attracts flies and raccoons too.

Home Remedies for Dead Rat Removal

There are DIY remedies to get rid of a dead rat. However, if you can tell that there are more than one rat and some of them might be dead, it is better to contact a Dead Rat Removal Company in Perth. Here are some conventional rat-curbing methods:

  • Ammonia
  • Mothballs
  • Peppermint oil
  • Pepper
  • Bay leaves
  • Onions
  • Cow dung
  • Wool
  • Baby powder

However, this doesn’t always work out the way it should. So when you realize this, contact us at Rats Pest Control Perth, the best agency for Dead Rat control Perth, right away.

Professional Strategies for Dead Rat Control

Rats Pest Control Perth makes use a modern technique called the STOP system to deal with dad rats and other dead rodents in houses and offices. Here’s what the STOP system of our Dead Rat Removal Service in Perth involves:


To survey is to search for the dead rat. Natural indicators of a dead rat are flies and other insects. Swarms of flies hovering over a certain area are a strong indictor. Sniff test is also carried out by our Dead Rat control experts.

T- Treat the Infestation

This involves removing the dead rat or rats from the property with proper disposal as well as ventilating the space to get rid of the smell. The problem here is that rats are great at hiding. So in order to recover the rat’s body, our experts might have to cut through walls, or remove tiles or disassemble furniture. Odor-neutralizing sprays and chemicals are also put on the dead rat’s carcass to dry it out quickly. The chemicals are used to prevent the spread of diseases that may affect those who live in the house.

O-Observing the Outcome

After the dead rats are recovered, they are disposed in an eco-friendly manner. We make sure that not a tinge of presence of any kind of infestation remains in your household. We will also observe you property for some time and see if there are any remaining signs of dead rats just as a precaution.


A dead rat is subject to a lot of diseases. It is highly contagious which is why our experts wear protective clothes and gloves and even respirators or filter masks to avoid any direct contact. After the disposal, we carry out a thorough research of the household to look for any possible entrances that can lead to a rodent infestation in the future. We also provide you with a list of do’s and don’ts to prevent an infestation.

Side Effects of Dead Rats Removal

While the disposal is eco-friendly, some chemicals used during the Dead Rat Pest Control and the removal of the dead rats can be harmful. If you are having even slight irritations or side-effects like allergies, it is recommended to consult a doctor immediately.

Rats Pest Control Perth ensures complete satisfaction for Dead Rat removal Perth. Our in-depth knowledge, modern equipment and experienced staff make us your first choice for rat extermination. For more info, call us today.

Summary: Want to get rid of dead rats in your home? Contact Rats Pest Control Perth and get the best dead rat removal services with sustainable disposal and high affordability.

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