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We offer top-notch mice pest control Perth services to residential and commercial property owners in Perth.

Are you tired of hearing strange noises at night? Or do you smell the faint foul odour spreading across your living room? Noticed spilled food and ripped-off packages in your kitchen and pantry? Well, the culprits are mostly definitely mice. Dealing with these troublemakers can greatly hinder your life, which is why you need to contact a professional rat control service.From damaged insulation to contaminating food and littering the house, the list of problems caused by mice is endless. Mice also cause a lot of bacteria and viruses, raising serious health issues among kids and adults alike. So how do you eliminate this problem permanently and lead a rat-free life?Well, you can contact our Mice Control Perth experts, and we will restore peace and safety to your life.
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Mice and the problems they create in Perth

Mice bring a lot of inconvenience to people and carry out their daily activities effortlessly. You will find many mice species in Perth; These mice can create massive havoc in both commercial and residential properties, and the only way to get rid of them completely would be to opt for professional rat control services.So, as soon as you sense rat infestation at your home or workplace, you must opt for mice control services and permanently exterminate the rats from the area of infestation

Common Mouse Species found in Perth, West Australia.

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Field Mouse

Field mice may cause a lot of damage to businesses operating in the agricultural sectors. These mice mainly target the outhouses where fruits and vegetables are stored. Sharp teeth that can gnaw into wood, wire, and fibre can destroy your produce and attract pests into your space.

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House Mouse

House mice are found all year round. They will quietly crawl into your home, invading your space at any time of the year. They are relatively small but can cause massive damage to your property and contaminate it with droppings and urine, triggering allergies and leading to health issues. You can easily get rid of house mice with Mice control services.

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Roof Rats

Roof rats are a smaller species of rats, and they can create structural issues to your property by making burrows and nests and crawling in your walls. You will find these rats on roofs, attics, chimneys, and more. They are fast climbers and are hard to get rid of.

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Norway Rat

Norway rats are also known as brown rats. They are one of the most common varieties of rats and are mostly found in dark and damp places like sewers and basements. They are omnivorous and can eat anything that comes their way.

Impact of Mice on Properties

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Property damage

Mice can cause damage to the furniture, insulation and electrical wiring of your house. They will chew on the furniture and electrical wires, thereby leading to huge financial loss and unnecessary risk.

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Food contamination

Mice can contaminate your food with urine, fur, and droppings. Eating these contaminated foods can make you seriously ill. So, you must find the solution for the rat infestation without further ado.

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Health issues

Mice may cause diseases like Hantavirus, Salmonella, etc. These diseases can significantly impact your health, increasing your need for professional rat removal Perth treatment.

Signs of Rat Infestation

Mouse droppings

Mouse droppings is one of the prominent sign of mice infestation. If you notice mouse droppings in different corners of your property, there is a mouse infestation, and you need to immediately seek assistance from professional mice pest control.

Foul odours

An unexpected foul odour can indicate mouse infestation. It is their urine that triggers the smell. Sometimes, a dead mouse can also trigger a very strong strong smell. So, if you do not want the unwanted smell to linger and diseases to be invited into your home, you have to contact Rat Removal Perth.

Bite marks and gnawed holes

If you see bite marks and holes on the furniture, cardboard boxes, and other items of your home or office, then it is a pretty good sign that there is a mice infestation and you need professional assistance to confirm the rat infestation services.

Urine stains

Mice leave behind urine stains. The stain may appear as small smears on various surfaces. This is again a sign of rat infestation.

Scratching sound

If you hear scratching sounds around the house during the night, it may be a sign that rats are moving around the place.

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The Need For Mice Control Perth Treatment?

Professional Mice Control Perth treatment can help you deal with your mice troubles. Helping prevent mice from causing any kind of damage to your property and spreading diseases in the household. An expert Mice Pest Control company will ensure the complete eradication of the infestation by using customized rat control techniques, and post-treatment, will conduct thorough sanitization to get rid of the foul smell, bacteria, and germs.
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Our A-Grade Mice Exterminator Perth Services

With over 10 years in the industry and 10,000+ happy families served. We are one of the leading mice exterminator Perth treatment providers. Our highly experienced and licensed professional team will quickly eliminate mice from your residential or commercial property. 
We use some of the most advanced tools and techniques in our rat inspection services which is not only a short-term relief but is a long-term protection for your property and family. We will also take additional proactive measures to save you from further mice infestation. Our main aim is to keep your property mouse-free so that you can lead a safe and hygienic life.

Our Pest Control Mice Service Process

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Initial Assessment

Our expert pest control Perth team will conduct an initial inspection of your property. We will inspect the different areas of your property and look for possible chances of infestation. Even the small crevices and other hidden areas will be inspected properly for signs of infestation.

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Rat Prevention Techniques

We will use highly advanced techniques to completely eradicate mice from your property. We make use of enviro-friendly products only to deal with mice infestation.

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Customised Treatment Plan

Our team of experts will design a plan to exterminate the mice from your property. The plan will mainly depend on the nature of your property and the level of infestation. We will also list the equipment and estimate the time required to make your house mice-free.

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Preventive measures implementation

We will take different preventive measures to avoid recurrent mice infestation problems. i.e., informing you on how the mice got in, sealing off the points, and using products that will throw them off the property. We will also offer you guidelines on how you can prevent pests from invading your house.

Comprehensive Steps in Our Mice Control Perth Treatment

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The pre-treatment phase is prep-a-mouse, where we prepare to catch the mice. We will lay the bait strategically and wait for the opportune moment to catch the mice. We take all precautions to not cause any harm to the pets or people residing.

Pest Treatment Execution

During this stage of mice pest control Perth, we will execute our devised plan by utilizing highly advanced techniques to catch the mice and free your property of pests.

Post-Treatment Measures

During the post-treatment phase, we will take the necessary preventive measures to ensure that the pests do not invade your property again soon enough.

Why You Should Choose Our Pest Control Mice Services In Perth

When it comes to rat control services, we are undoubtedly one of the most popular names. We have been offering the best pest control service in the industry for over 10 years and have catered to thousands of customers to deal with their infestations. Leaving us with the expertise and knowledge to provide you with the best services.We follow a highly targeted approach while offering our Mice Exterminator Perth services. We will carefully assess the situation and devise a plan that perfectly caters to your household or business needs. Also, you no longer have to break the bank to eradicate the pests from your house as our services are affordable.

Prevention and Maintenance Tips

Here are a few preventive tips that will help to keep the mice away:

  • Keep your property as clean as possible, and do not let the food debris and rotten food stay longer in your kitchen or dining areas.
  • Do not ignore the still water in and around your property.
  • Make a habit of frequently disposing of your garbage and keeping the garbage bins closed with a tight lid.
  • Keep your gardens clean and regularly mowed; do not let the weed overgrow and let puddles form.
  • Seal the cracked entry points to your home or commercial property that can be potential entry points.
  • Fix mesh doors to ensure no rats or mosquitoes enter the house when you clock out to take trash or water plants.
If you are in need of quick and immediate help to get rid of mice from your commercial or residential property in a smooth and hassle-free way, then it is high time that you opt for our mice exterminator Perth services.
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Benefits Of Hiring An Experienced Mice Pest Control Perth Team

1. Use of advanced pest control techniques: Our professional pest control team uses highly advanced techniques for mice removal.2. Experience and expertise: The professionals at our rat pest control company are highly experienced in what they do, and they will easily tackle the problem of mice infestation.3. In-depth knowledge of pests: We are also well aware of the different types of rats that may infest your property, and we will use the most effective treatment method for the specific rat. Trying DIY methods from the internet to get rid of your mice problems will, most of the time, lead to costs double what you would pay for professional Mice exterminator Perth services. Since these methods might cause safety hazards, the eradication process will not be anywhere near perfection.

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    The cost of Pest control Mice service completely depends on the level of mice infestation and the scale of your property. The costs often vary depending on these factors. If you can get in touch with us, we can explain our packages. Nevertheless, we offer transparent costing that will fall in your affordability.

    Mice carry diseases like salmonella, hantavirus, etc. They can also cause food and water contamination, property damage, and more.

    The exact duration will depend on the severity of the mice infestation. However, you can see results in 3 days and complete relief from mice in a couple of days post-treatment completion.

    You can easily prevent mice infestation by blocking the entry points to your house, keeping the bathrooms and kitchens clean, and preventing water accumulation.

    DIY mouse pest control may end up causing more harm than good. The chemicals used in DIY methods may cause health hazards. Damage to your appliances and furniture as well. These methods are also not 100% effective in eradicating pests. You will have to go through everything in your house step-by-step, dismantling and reorganizing. All these will take exhaustive time, while a professional rat control service can prove your space for safety and carry out the extermination process in a day without wasting your time.

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