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Are you scared about the random scratching noises that come from your ceiling as you try to sleep at night? Are there signs of gnawing and pecking in your wardrobe or other furniture? Do you get an odd smell at times in your household? And unfortunately, it isn’t the devil. It’s a whole army of devils.

Perth is the capital of Western Australia and due, to a Mediterranean climate, is a vacation spot for mouse. These little creatures leave no stone unturned to destroy your home once they get access to it. And don’t you dare doubt their abilities. From walls to furniture to clothes to wiring, they can ruin everything. But you have a choice. All you have to do is pick up the phone and contact Rats Pest Control Perth, the best Mouse Removal Company in Perth.

Results of a Mouse Infestation

Do not underestimate mouse by their appearance. They maybe small and cute looking but are pure destroyers. If not controlled, they can bring hell inside your property. Here are the atrocities of the mouse clan:

  • Destruction of property and decor
  • Food contamination
  • Epicenter of diseases
  • Shut down of a business
  • Damage of property worth

All these are long-term damages whose repairs will cost a lot. So, to prevent these, we, at Rats Pest Control Perth, are at your service. Our trained staff and modern equipments and gadgets make us your first choice for Mouse control Perth.

As for the daily reports by home-owners in Perth, mouse infestations result in:

  • Burrowing under the property
  • Chewing clothes and curtains
  • Pecking wooden furniture
  • Biting

If you too are experiencing any of these, contact Rats Pest Control Perth right away. As a professional agency for Mouse removal Perth, we ensure complete satisfaction at the most affordable prices.

Mouse- How they Appear and their lifestyle

It might be confusing for you to distinguish among mouse and other rodents like moles and rats. What makes mouse different from the rest are:

Size: Mouse are the smallest breed in the rodent family. And this is what makes them much more “tactical.” They can fit in tighter areas and smaller pipes.

Breeding: They are one of the fastest mammals in terms of procreating. One mouse can turn into a hundred if you don’t go for Mouse Removal.

Rats Pest Control Perth makes use of modern techniques to exterminate mouse infestation of any size with guaranteed positive outcome. This is what makes us the best Mouse Removal Service in Perth.

Mice can reach a length of upto 30 inches where the tail is the significant part. The most types of mouse found in Perth are House mice and Field mice.

Home-Made Mouse Control Remedies

When you spot a mouse for the first time, you can make use of the following effective DIY strategies to control the infestation:

  • Look for the entry points
  • Buy and set traps
  • Use steel wool and caulk to seal
  • Check your garage
  • Get rid of shrubbery
  • Seal food items in tight containers

What We Do

You should not wait when you think that the infestation is out of your hands, and contact Rats Pest Control Perth right away. We make use of a state-of-the-art technique to help you get rid of the mouse. Our years of experience and modern tools make us your primary choice for a Mouse Removal Company Perth.

The STOP System

We make use of the STOP System, which is a 4-stage protocol to bring an end to the mouse menace. The 4 stages are: Survey, Treat, Observe and Precaution.


Our workers carry out a full sweep of your property to find out all the entry points and nests of the mouse. Maximum precision is applied via tools and gadgets.

Mouse Removal Treatment

After survey, our team of experts setup traps and make use of medicines, sprays, chemicals and gadgets to treat the infestation.


This is the most crucial stage for Mouse Exterminator Perth. We have to wait from a few hours to even a day or two for the mouse to surrender, once and for all. We will wait some more to ensure that your home is clean and clear of mouse.

MouseControl Precaution

This is where we ensure that all the entry points are sealed properly. We also give you a list containing the dos and don’ts to avoid an infestation.

Mouse removal Side-Effects

The chemicals we use are harmful. Our workers of Mouse removal Perth wear protective gear while using them. Also, while all our products are completely eco-friendly, you are recommended to contact a doctor in case of any side-effects, like allergies, rashes etc.

Our business is open 7 days a week from 7 am to 7 pm. So don’t think twice. Contact Rats Pest Control Perth today and get rid of your mouse infestation forever.

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