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When the question of exterminating pests arises, Eco Safe Pest Control Perth is the perfect answer. Our professional standard ensures the best pest control services for residential, commercial, school, and real estate sectors. Our eco-friendly means come with the promise of 100% safety for you and your family.

We can exterminate all kinds of pests, including rodents, cockroaches, spiders, ticks, moths, bed bugs, wasps, possums, fleas, silver fishes, termites, ants, birds, and bird mites. This makes us the No 1 Pest control company in Perth.

Here’s more on the different kinds of pests that can infest your home:

Cockroach Control Perth

Cockroaches are perhaps the most hated pests that can invade homes. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared them as the “unhygienic scavengers in human settlements.” They bring with them contamination and diseases. The thing is they thrive on dirt which is why the best way to keep them away is to maintain a clean and hygienic surrounding. If you intake food contaminated by them, it can lead to gastrointestinal illnesses like food poisoning. Symptoms include stomach pain, cramps, and vomiting. They can also cause rashes and allergies if they come in contact with skin.

The most common species of cockroaches in Perth are American cockroaches, German cockroaches, Brown-banded cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches. They stay away from light in dark crevices and corners that can be very tough for you to reach. And you never know how many of them are there. So, without any hesitation, contact Eco Safe Pest Control Perth, the best and most affordable company for Perth all pest control, and get rid of cockroaches in almost no time.

Ants pest control Perth

Not necessarily harmful but renowned usurpers of homes, ants have a reputation for infestation. They feed on almost any oily and sugary food items. If one ant finds out that there is food, it takes only a few seconds for it to send the message back home. And at the very next moment, there’s an army of ants marching. Pretty much like us, they have settlements or colonies housing thousands of them.

Some common ant types native to Australia are Argentine ants, black house ants, garden ants, odorous ants, and bulldog ants. The bite of bulldog ants pains as much as the sting of a bee. Red ants also pack a punch in their bite. And the problem is a clean house won’t keep them away. If they begin colonization they are sure to reach every nook and corner that they can. If you have babies, extra caution is needed as ants can contaminate baby bottles, leading to dysentery and other issues. We are the best agency for pest control Perth who will help you get rid of an ant infestation. Safe and affordable, we promise to make the extermination process quick and comforting.

Mosquito pest control Perth

Mosquitoes are notorious all around the world for the spread of dangerous diseases like dengue, Chikungunya, yellow fever, malaria, Ross River virus disease, Australian encephalitis, Burmah Forest virus disease, and many kinds of flues. Every year, more than 2 million people around the world die of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes. Australian encephalitis caused by the Kunjin virus shows symptoms like neurological disorders (short-term to permanent) and it only takes a few days for turns to turn fatal without proper treatment. So, if you find too many mosquitoes around you,

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Bees removal service Perth

Bees native to Australia are honey bees, bumblebees, and carpenter bees. Bumblebees are larger than honey and build their nests on beams as well as on the ground. Though not aggressive, they can sting you multiple times. Carpenter bees are of the same size as bumblebees but are faster in flight. However, carpenter bees are unsocial and burrow alone. They chew wood and build their nests inside. Only female carpenter bees sting though they aren’t much aggressive either. Hives can be found in attics, on decks, and the ground. The thing to remember is that they get aggressive when someone tries to trespass into their home. And it doesn’t matter if their sting is harmful or not because the pain itself is almost unbearable.

A bee infestation is having random hives all around a property, be it the garage, shed, attic, or any other place. Too large an infestation and you will be able to smell decomposing honey around you. This is not possible to get rid of through DIY homemade methods and you need our Pest management to free yourself of the infestation.

Bedbug pest control Perth

Bedbugs are sleep killers. For those who do not know them, they have balloon-shaped flat bodies the size of an apple seed. They are very quick and vanish in the blink of an eye. They feed on your blood like mosquitoes and live in the dark. Their bite will leave red marks as well as cause itchiness. When the situation is worse, you will see them skitter across your bed. You might also observe blood droppings smeared on your sheet. And the average bedbug can survive for 4 to 6 months. And there is no homemade way to get rid of a bedbug infestation. If you want to have a good night’s sleep,

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Moth pest control Perth

Although harmless to us, they can damage our clothes and other items of our household. They have a thing for fabrics that brings them under the umbrella of pests. They gain access indoors through plants nearby or clothes. Common moth species in Australia include Almond moths, Armyworms, Cankerworms, Bagworms, and Coneworms.

Moths are non-toxic but some have spines that can cause irritation if they come in contact with our skin. In rare cases, however, some of the moths’ hairy legs can penetrate the skin and cause diseases like urticaria or dermatitis. But most of the time, the effect is minimal and no medical help is needed are a moth bite. If there are random sightings of moths in your household or commercial space, contact pest control Perth and we will take care of the infestation in record time.

Spiders pest control Perth

If cockroaches are the most hated, spiders are nightmares. They don’t need an infestation to scare you as only one of them is enough to do that. While aren’t malicious, others have poisonous toxins that can lead to very serious health issues, like partial paralysis and even death. They can also contaminate food and ruin the surrounding by weaving cobwebs. Common spiders found in Australia include Huntsman Spider, Wolf Spider, Red Back Spider, Black House Spider, White Tail Spider, Trap Door Spider, Garden Orb-Weaving Spider, Funnel Web Spider, and Saint Andrews Cross Spider.

While spiders prefer staying away from human settlements, a spider infestation is not something you can be calm about and deal with slowly. And if you have arachnophobia, dealing with it is not even an option. Moreover, eradication of a spider infestation is not easy and you should not try it on your own. Instead, let our professionals of Spiders pest control Perth do it.

Termite pest control Perth

Termites are the perfect weapons of destruction. And they are trained to do their job i.e. destroy your household, in stealth mode. And the worst thing is you will only realize that they are around after it is too late. Doors and other wooden surfaces will be damaged. They eat cellulose-based plant materials that they find in any wooden thing. The most termite types found in Australia are Dampwood Termites, Subterranean Termites, and Drywood Termites.

They prefer dark spaces and you will have to examine in order to find out their presence. Tap and check if a wooden surface is hollow. There are chances that termites are eating it inside out. Termites are experts in entering through the smallest of cracks and openings.

When they eat the wood, they spread molds that can cause serious health issues. They enter our bodies by the process of inhalation and when the pores come in contact with our skin. It can cause fungal infections, allergies, infection in the eyes, dermatitis, and other problems that can affect people, especially those who have respiratory issues. Our services of Termite pest control Perth can help you get rid of the termite infestation in the least amount of time.

Tick pest control

Harbingers of contamination and diseases, ticks have a history of wrecking homes, shutting down businesses, and ruining reputations. They come into our homes via plants and pets. Bloodsuckers by nature, ticks cause severe rashes, itching, and even infestation if not checked for long. Their bites are painless but can still pose medical threats if ignored. The most common tick types in Australia are Lone Star ticks, American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, Blacklegged ticks, and winter ticks.

Tick-borne diseases include spotted fever or tick typhus, Flinders Island spotted fever, and tick paralysis. To avoid any of these and an infestation, our Eco friendly Pest control services ensure that you get rid of these uninvited guests as soon as possible.

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