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Destruct the destructive rats:

Rats are generally termed as menace because of their activities. Rats pose a threat for homes and commercial territories. Their creepy behaviour can spoil all furniture items and your personal items. It should not be a shocking sight if you see rats have chewed the wires of your electrical appliances. The rats’ nasty behaviour is not just restricted to homes. These pests can put a halt to the commercial property by chewing down all vital papers and processed goods. Blocking off rats’ paths is not easy. These pests know several ways from where they can easily get in your territory. A small crack outside the wall can be sufficient for rats to make holes on the walls and carve a path for themselves to get in your house. After rats get in your property, it will be a difficult task to get those pests out of your territory. The ordinary rat repellents from the pest store will not be able to eliminate these notorious pest mammals. You need to select rat removal solutions from an experienced pest control company which will be capable to drive all rats away. Upon having booked the measures offered by our rats control Balcatta pest company, you will see rats are never looking back at your residential and business zones. The use of unique rat measures will not let rats grow in your surroundings.

Rat species which keep relocating your zone:

You have used rat pesticides from pest stores to kill rats, but you still find rats are creating endless nuisances in your territory. The reason is you are using pesticides which are not eliminating the rat species which have been made nests in your house and office. Take help from our pest servicemen to know how many species of rats are there in your location. You will also get to know how each rat specie is different from the other. Your territory will likely to witness roof rats, house rats, rice rats, norway rats, brown rats, black rats, marsh rats, bush rats, long-haired rats and norway rats. While applying rat control services Balcatta, our pest guys will update you some more information on rat species.

Know about rat-borne diseases:

When rats forage your property, these pests bring along germs and pathogens inside your territory. Humans tend to get inflicted by the germs carried by the creepy pests. You get rat-fever when you are been bitten by rats. Accidentally, if you come in touch with the urine of rats, then your kidney will get affected and you will be down with leptospirosis. The bubonic plague proves to be fatal for humans. Upon consuming foods of rats can give rise to salmonellosis.

The implementation plans:

Our implementation plans include a comprehensive inspection and application of rat removal Balcatta solutions at all breeding zones. We start with a detail survey of your territory to understand the reasons of infestations and then find out the infestation sites. Once the breeding sites are spotted out, we execute our treatment plans by using rat repellents, rat baits, rat surface sprays and rat gels in the foraging sites

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