Rats Pest Control Perth

Need of Rat Pest Control

Rats are nuisance organisms which cause property damage and transmit diseases. These creatures mostly active in the night and infest the house. One can make use of poison and traps to get rid of these smart invaders. Do you think that by doing this you get permanent freedom of these creatures? Actually, it’s not true! Additionally, one should have to do lots of things like removing of rat’s attraction including food and water. Sealing all the cracks or entry points is also crucial to prevent the access.

You can also approach Rats control services Mount Hawthorn for the permanent removal of rats from home or business. These service providers serve for the people of Mount Hawthorn. The team of professionals makes use of all the latest removal methods and also guarantees the future prevention.

  • Rats Source of Food and Water
  • The pet food or water left outdoor overnight in an open container.
  • Open trash cans.
  • Food in containers with loose caps or packets like a bag of flour, chips, and rice etc.
  • The opened bowls of fruits and vegetables on the dining table or shelves.
  • Leaky pipes outside of the house.


  • Common Rat Entry Point
  • Cracks or small holes near the sink and pipes.
  • Any gap around doors and windows.
  • Opening near closets, doors which direct to the outside or creep spaces.
  • Ventilation holes in the garret.
  • Crawl spaces under buildings and missing screens in the vents.


  • Need to Control the Rats

If you feel infestation in the house then there is a need to take help of Rats pest Removal Mount Hawthorn team. They help the customers in getting rid of these critters. Here are some reasons why rat control should be the priority in every home:

  1. Food Contamination: These small invaders eat the food and also contaminate the food sources with droppings, urine, and hair.
  2. Spread Diseases: The rat pests transmit diseases like plague, rat bite fever, salmonella and more. They spread disease directly or indirectly both. Hence, it is crucial to prevent these creatures entering in your house or working areas.
  3. Physical Damage: The invaders have sharp teeth and they can chew anything they hold in their mouth. In fact, their gnawing habit can cause a huge damage to the property including equipment, furniture, books, and machinery etc. They can chew electric cables and cause short circuit and fire too.


  • Strategy for Controlling These Rat Pests
  1. Rat Proofing: This is necessary so that the rats cannot get access.
  2. Sanitation: Removing the food and shelter and keep all the source of food and water tightly closed.
  3. Trap: One can also make use of the trap to catch the rats.
  4. Chemical Control: Here, one can make use of different poison, gel and spray to control the access of these pests. The Rats pest Control Mount Hawthorn has the team of knowledgeable and expertise. They are trained in all type of techniques and are experts in using the poison in such way that does not harm other living organisms.




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