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You do not leave anything to make your house secure and clean. But, still, you can observe rats at your home. Rats control Neerabup provides solutions and treatment program for the house as well as industrial building and properties. The cost of these services is affordable. If you have any pest problem which relates to rats, you can take help of professional Rats control services Neerabup provider. Pest control Neerabup team is highly expertise in controlling and removing rats. Rat is a destructive animal that attacks crops, food, and livestock etc. If you are buying a new home, then don’t forget to do an inspection because Neerabup is highly affected by the rats.


             There are different types of rats that can affect your health in different ways. They can also make a living environment deadly. Rat’s bites can also be the reason of poisonous infections which can be very dangerous. The black rat, roof rat, vole, shrew, Norway rat, and house mouse are the most common species that you can discover in Neerabup parts. Rats are very horrible that is mostly seen in your kitchens. Rats prefer dark and moist places to hide. They carry the salmonella group that can be the reason of many diseases.  Rat Pest removal Neerabup companies always provide you the high-quality products to remove these terrible rats from your house.

Rat species

  • Roof rat

Their colors basically vary from pure gray to reddish brown. They are approximately 6-8 inches long. The lifespan of roof rat is approximate 5-18 months. Roof rats generally make their cover in an upper part of the house. The average weight of roof rat is near about 6-12 ounce. Their tails are generally longer than their body.  A female roof rat can give birth to 3-4 babies’ rat per year. If you have any problem related to the rats, the team of Rats pest removal Neerabup is always there to help you.

  • Vole

The size of the vole is generally small. They have the skill to burrow and tunneling. They are generally of Grayish brown color. They are 4-7 inches long. The lifetime of this type of mouse is varied from 5-18 months. A female roof rat can give birth to 10-12 babies’ rat per year. Their outdoor breeding season is spring & fall. There are approximately 150 species of voles.

  • Shrew

The size of shrew is same as the vole. They have long pointy noise. They are generally of dusty gray color. Their length is approximately 3-4 inches. Their tails are generally as long as their body. They need 1-ounce water daily. Their favorite food is fruit, meats, vegetables, and eggs. A female roof rat can give birth to 3-4 babies’ rat per year. Their outdoor breeding season is spring & fall. The Rats pest control Neerabup services may help you in preventing such incidences. The home range of shrew is up to 1.5 acres. They are more active at night as compare to day.

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