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Despite being an integral part of the eco-system, Rats are very annoying and disturbing. They are the disease carriers and spread lots of infectious diseases. Rats carry harmful bacteria with them which are directly or indirectly responsible for harmful diseases. They contaminate the food, destroy your expensive property and create nuisance ate the work culture. With efficient services of Rats pest Removal North Fremantle, you can control and eliminate rat problems from your property.

Not only the property and food damage, they even bring defame for you. Suppose the situation when guests arrive at your home and they figure out rats jumping around your property. Guests will immediately leave your place and will avoid the welcome at your house. Even the food industries like Hotels and Restaurants face bad effects of rat problems. They face negative impact on profits and sometimes customers sue them for the same condition. This leads to heavy fines and even business closure. Relying on the Rats control services North Fremantle is a favorable option for all.

Such creatures might look cute in the reel life by are very vulnerable in real life. They destroy everything that comes in their way. Rats don’t even leave the electrical wires and cables. They chew them up and this leads to short circuits and fires. Many offices are facing such situations. On hiring the Rats pest Control North Fremantle service providers, you can get a complete control on the rat issues. Their methods are simple, reliable and provide assurance to long-lasting results.

Figuring the rat signs

To execute the rats the first and the foremost thing is to locate their dwelling places.  They generally hide underground and are active during the night. Rats try to hide from the humans. This is the main reason they always get from the human eye. But you can figure out the rat problem by figuring out the rat signs.

  • Scratching sound from the walls and under the heavy things.
  • You will find nesting material like torn clothes, the newspapers in the hidden areas.
  • Chewing marks on the electrical wires and cables.
  • You may figure out rat hairs and other waste around corners of your homes.
  • Droppings near the food items, they are 10-14 mm long and black in color.
  • Scratch marks on the walls, wooden items.

These were some of the signs which will work as evidence that you are suffering from rat trouble. Preventive measures are necessary for such conditions.

Strategy for Controlling Rats

Rat Proofing:

This process will not allow the rats to enter your property.


Always keep your food in metal or glass containers.


Trapping is a good option. Snap traps and glue traps work well in catching the rats.

Baiting Method:

This technique is very effective for controlling and killing the rats. By mixing the food with rodenticides you can feed the rats and it will kill them in 2-3 days. This method can be dangerous and need proper guidance in the application. You can go for the Rats control services North Fremantle to learn the baiting method.


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