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Rats pest control in Shenton Park

This area is more suffering from the attacks of this rat which is a major issue of worry. Rats are one of the common destroyers that can be seen in all the parts of Shenton Park.  The attack of this rat can be hazardous or destructive depending upon the level of the brutality. A team of Rats Pest Control Shenton Park provides special measures to fight against these rodents and removing them from a particular area. All processes should always be done under the direction of exterminators. The time for the removal can usually take more than one day; it depends on the weather and the extent of the damage.


They can eat the plastic pipes, electric wiring, and the pipes, which can result in serious problems like short circuiting which can further cause a fire. They can be the reason of various diseases and allergies in humans. The Rats Pest Removal Shenton Park teams take proper measures to control these pests and keeping them away from your living area.


If during the daytime, there is a rat around your property, it indicates that your property has a large infestation. Rat usually bites at shoulder or arms. The spot where rat bites become red and itchy marks.

Types of rats

  • Roof rat

Their colors of the roof rats basically vary from pure gray to reddish brown. The length of the roof rat is approximate 6-8 inches. The lifespan of roof rat is approximate 5-18 months. Roof rats generally make their habitat in basements. The average weight of roof rat is near about 6-12 ounce.  A female roof rat can give birth to 3-4 babies’ rat per year. If you have any problem related to the rats, the team of Rats pest removal Shenton Park is always there to help you.

  • Shrew

They are usually of dusty gray color. Their length of shrew is approximately 3-4 inches. Their tails are generally as long as their body. They have a long sharp nose. Shrew generally loves to eat food like fruits, meats, vegetables, and eggs. They need 1-ounce water daily. A female roof rat can give birth to 3-4 babies’ rat per year. Their outdoor breeding season is spring & fall. The Rats pest control Shenton Park team provides you the best services to remove the shrew. The home range of shrew is up to 1.5 acres. They are more active at night as compare to day.

How to keep them away?

With the help of an inspection team, you can avoid these pests from entering your house. Inspection team first find out rat’s habitat and after that use efficient method to eliminate these rats. They use chemical products to keep them away from the house. Temptation treatment is the best way to catch them. The Rats Control Services Shenton Park teams provide their best services at an affordable price. Their services are very fast and effective. After the completion of the process, they also tell some procedures to follow to keep them away from the house. They also ensure a high level of security for your kids and pets.


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