Rats Pest Control Perth

Effective rat traps to catch and kill them.

Rats are the vulnerable organisms found in every part of the world. They create a nuisance and disturb the working environment. These creatures are diseases carriers and badly contaminate the food we eat and store. Rats carry harmful bacteria with them and are responsible for spreading deadly diseases with high mortality rate. Rat pest management is the need of the hour and with the help of Rats pest controls Woodlands, you can put an end to this problem.

On hiring the professional team of the rats control services Woodlands, one can get proper control on rat pest issues. Such services are very reliable and affordable I nature. They use eco-friendly techniques and methods to eliminate the rats from your property. The team of professionals holds the necessary training and certification to perform effective rat pest management. All you need is to register your complaint on their helpline number and they will reach your premises in a very short time.

Rat control is essential to lead a healthy life. It only requires a badly managed house or office to build up a colony of rats. Through rats pest removal Woodlands you get complete assurance to rat elimination. They help in identification of the rats and apply the best techniques to execute them. Featuring the rat types, these are house mouse, Norway rats, and roof rats. These rats contaminate the food and damage the properties by gnawing and burrowing. They spread diseases which affect the humans and pets as well. Some of the techniques to eliminate the rats are:

Execute the rats with rat traps

There are various traps available in the market. Here you will find the features of such traps.

Wooden traps: This trap is made of wood and is a wire snap trap. Some of its important features are

  • It kills one rat per setting
  • Its powerful structure holds and kills the rat
  • This trap is reusable and disposable
  • It features with both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Dead rat is visible
  • Very affordable and effective

Plastic traps: these traps are made of plastic and one can set them in a single click.

  • It is capable of killing one rat per settings
  • Its powerful in killing and catching the rats
  • One can reuse it and dispose of it.
  • Indoor and outdoor uses
  • The dead rodent is visible
  • Reliable and affordable.

Electronic traps: This is the latest innovation for rat trapping and killing.

  • It has the ability to kill one rat per setting
  • It uses high voltage electric shock to kill the rats
  • It is reusable
  • We have to provide electric supply and enables indoor use only
  • Here the dead rat is not visible
  • The indicator on its body tells you about the dead rat
  • Can be little costly but provides assurance to results.

Glue Traps: These traps are simple in use and the rats get attached to the glue paper

  • It catches the rats and they are unable to move
  • Uses high adhesive paper to catch the rats
  • Reusable and disposable
  • Very cost effective and reliable.


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